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Vincent "Hawk" Aamodt

Sirious Baseball Coach

Coach Vincent Aamodt attended Branham High School where he played baseball and was also on the wrestling team.  As a varsity wrestler Vincent broke three Branham High school records, won league titles and placed in CCS tournament to qualify to compete in the the NorCal regions.  While baseball was his first love, his high school baseball career was not as planned which motivated him to work harder to achieve and play at a higher level. 

With the help of his father Vincent worked hard and made the Cal Poly Pomona Baseball team. While at Cal Poly under Coach John Scolinos, Vincent learned the game from a new perspective.  He the very important mental aspect of the game of baseball, and his ability went to a new level.

 It was also at Cal Poly  that SF GIants 3rd base coach, Wendell Kim, saw Vincent and took a liking to his play. Following his time at Cal Poly, Coach Kim put Vincent onto the SF Giants rookie club in Arizona. Vincent played a year and half in the rookie leagues, when a shoulder injury made him realized it can all end very quickly, and he decided to re focus back on his education. 

Vincents other passion was always art and film. He attended the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.  (There was no sports program at Art Center, so he and a few other students formed a Baseball Team that mostly consisted of going to Dodger games and heckling all the Dodger players). 

Vincent works as a film producer/director. He loves coaching baseball and loves passing on the knowledge he has learned from many different coaches. His approach begins with a strong mental focus and of course as many reps as we can get in.

Coach Vincent has played against some notable players including Ken Griffey jr, Rodney Pete, Brett Boone and he hit a shot off the fence against Tim Worrell. (He still has the ball).