Sensory Speed is our sports performance provider at Sirious Baseball. Their specialized programs help student-athletes develop the most critical areas of performance. They use scientific methods to enhance coordination, quickness, speed, strength, and power. But what sets them apart from an ordinary strength & conditioning program is their proven sensory training system. Sensory Speed trains athlete’s eyes and brains to enhance their visual neurocognitive skills. Their specialized techniques help athletes of all sports and ages detect and interpret information faster and more accurately, resulting in better recognition, quicker decision making, better coordination, faster reaction times, more consistent play, and improved concentration on and off the field.

The Sensory Speed team is made up of industry experts who collectively specialize in optometry, vision enhancement, injury prevention and strength & conditioning. They offer group classes and private sessions on a daily basis in our location at Sirious Baseball.

 Who is Sensory Speed for?

  • It’s for student-athletes of all sports and ages who want to improve their skills and confidence so they can rise above academic struggles and athletic barriers.

  • It's for top level athletes that want to continue to improve performance and excel at the next level.

  • It's for student-athletes who feel they’re stuck with their current struggles and don’t know how to overcome what’s limiting them. Whether the struggles are big or small, Sensory Speed will help support the student-athlete who wants to improve performance in athletics and/or academics. 

Why the emphasis on Sensory Training?

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Everyone knows you have to practice your sport to get better, and most people understand the benefits that a strength and conditioning program has on sports performance. To fully reach your potential, you have to refine your skills and get bigger, faster and stronger. This is an ongoing process that becomes more and more imperative at every level. As the game gets faster, so do you.

The eyes and brain are no different. The problem is many athletes never even have a legitimate assessment, let alone do any training to enhance their ability to see, decide & react. The eyes not only guide us in sports, but in almost everything we do. Around 80% of all sensory input sent to the brain for learning is through the eyes.

How does it work?

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Their training is based off of the Sensory Speed Performance Process. This is the process that every action in sports and school follows. First you must SEE it. This involves much more than just seeing 20/20 or seeing clearly. Seeing clearly doesn’t help you judge the speed or location of a ball. It doesn’t help you be more aware of game time surroundings, because it doesn’t give you enough information to be in the right place at the right time to make the great play. Your vision is made up of many functional skills, such as depth perception, tracking, and focusing. They all work together to help you perceive your surroundings as best as possible. It’s great to run fast, but that alone does not make you physically well-rounded. You also need power, strength, quickness, coordination and flexibility to be physically dynamic.

 Next, you must process what you just saw, and then DECIDE what your next move will be.

And finally, REACT, with the most efficient motor response. This is where many athletes spend all of their time training. But vision, despite being at the very beginning of the performance process, is often neglected during training. This can be problematic, because each step in the process is dependent on the one before it. So if your vision is off, and you’re slow to recognize or decide, it doesn’t matter what decision or reaction you make. It’s based off of faulty information and you’re way more likely to make a mistake. This is where consistent performance becomes an issue.

Using their state of the art testing and training systems they present athletes with valuable data to help guide them through constant improvement. All programs begin with a thorough assessment so that they can identify any possible deficiencies and areas of opportunity. It’s important to have these skills tested! If not, you’re leaving it to chance that they’re not holding you back!

Why choose Sensory Speed?


  • Complete sports performance programs that combine strength & conditioning with Doctor-designed sports vision training.

  • Visual Neurocognitive training is the way of the future.


  • After helping 100's of athletes reach their athletic & academic goals we confidently guarantee results


  • Our athletes improve in their sport AND many other areas of life; school being one of them.

  • Improves attention and focus raising academic interest, which in turn helps students excel in the classroom with confidence.

  • Their athletes post incredible stats. Stats that matter most to the student athletes, like GPA, test scores, batting average, goals scored, steals, and saves among many more.

Purchase a lesson or lesson package and our trainer will contact you to schedule your session

Purchase a lesson or lesson package and a trainer will contact you to schedule your session.

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Strength/Conditioning and Vision Training 4-Pack

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