Monthly Team Membership

What you get

  • our 1-hour practices a month.
  • (1) Machine cage that is set on a timer for as many rounds you can take in that hour.  20 pitches per round.
  • (1) 75ft tunnel / that has the ability to be cut in half to have even more stations going on.
  • (1) 20ft Short cage that is perfect for tee work and front toss.  You could easily have 4 stations going at one time.
  • We can provide you with a practice plan to make sure that you are getting the most out of your workouts.
  • Average cost per player per practice is only $7.00
  • If team is more than 12 players you will be charged another $60.00 and will get another Machine Cage set up with unlimited rounds for the hour for the month.

Leagues are already taking advantage of this great offer.

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Personal Monthly Memberships

What you get

  • Call ahead to reserve areas below:
    • Access to training cages
    • Tee Area
    • Pitching Mounds
    • Workout Center (Call ahead to reserve all above areas)
    • Lounge and Private study area
    • $2.00 Dollar tokens (33% savings)
    • Free round in the Machine Cages with every visit.
    • 10% off Sirious Gear.
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